She is our cutie editor namely ” Nat” who can make a simple story become special and touching story. She never looks over a small thing or opportunities that come into her life as she believes in self-motto that “Don’t waste your time finding inspiration, just make your time creating one.” It is no wonder that she is passionate about exploring things and making the most of all opportunities and challenges, such as joining the program of work and travel in USA, being freelance translator or interpreter, working as fixer and coordinator in filming production and so on.

As the current job as an Editor creating concept and content for any projects, it would need multi-skilled background. So all experiences in the past could help supporting in different angles of working. Our editor ‘Nat’ always believes so and it makes her become good editor in present from working in hotel industry for years.

Anyway, let’s see what does she do during free time???
>>She likes traveling, baking, and volunteering. Oops!! Almost forget to mention that she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities, majoring in English-Literature and minoring in Tourism, Chiangmai University.