A little girl from a very warm and well-conditioned family from the northern Thailand and was graduated from Marketing communication The Far Eastern University started challenging her life by applying an internship in a PR & Media company, Asialife Media Thailand, a workplace that changes her life forever…

She actually love cooking and baking, butter cake is her masterpiece, and is passionate about talking and learning others’ lives. She can spend most of her time in a cozy coffee shop talking about lifestyle, food with her family and friends.

Sounds she is a slow-life and chilling girl?

Well, Namtarn or NT, her name, is good at compromising her slow life and busy work mode. She learns fast, plans smart and acts best to make sure she would have enough time to fulfill her passion on learning people! But of course, life is not that easy and she was not that good at the first time working here.

She told she faced many hard situations, dealing with complicated projects, got complaints and so on but what makes her survive is “To achieve a success, you need to pass through many failures” she said

She comes from far and starts from zero! But with her management ability, passion on doing things on hand best, She becomes our Project Manager now! playing a crucial role in ensuring every project work timeline smooth.

From Internship to Project Manager! What a story that happens in real! Look at her eyes and you will feel the positive energy…