With Master Degree in Tourism Management from Assumption University, Bangkok, “Lun”, a Burmese girl who can speak multi-language; English, Chinese, Thai and Burmese, is currently a PR & Marketing Executive of our team. She loves learning things and believes in doing all the best in everyday to avoid feeling regret later. Meeting with various people in different situations is also a chance for her to learn every single thing from people she has met. Lun believes that an opportunity to gain knowledge could be anywhere.

‘CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ is a quote from William James which Lun brings up as her motto of life. So there’s no doubt that we’d never receive any negative energy from this sweet girl. Instead, with her positive attitude and friendly smile, we could be so sure that every time she is around it would make a pleasant atmosphere.

Talking about her dream, Lun has a very simple but practical one. She values the present and wants to enjoy the moment of a simple life. Her dream is just to make each day as a smiley one as she can 🙂

And whenever she has free time, her free spirit always calls for travel. “I like to travel around whether near or far, it makes me feel refreshed and get the inspiration for life,” she said.